Inspired by Color

OK, I know… it has been way too long since I posted my last blog. Where does the time go anyway? Recently, when a friend commented to me that it had been awhile since she had seen a new post, I knew I better get my act in gear and post SOMETHING! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos from my recent trip to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia. As a matter of fact, this trip explains at least 10 days of my absence from blogging….

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about COLOR! My friends and clients can tell that I am inspired by color from the moment they walk in my door. My office for Signature Events is the perfect reflection of my personality and love of color. I find working with color can make an event feel warm and welcoming and often encourage my clients to incorporate their favorite color or colors into their wedding or event.

So, as it was on this trip, there were many wonderful, colorful photo opportunities. From the houses in Barone, Italy to the shopping stalls with beautiful scarves and pottery in Istanbul, Turkey to the colorful laundry lines in Debrovnik, Croatia…everywhere I looked I was surrounded by “yummy”, colorful images….which was an absolute photographers dream for me! I took so many photos (628 to be exact) on this trip and have included a few here in this post, so that you, too, can be inspired by color! Enjoy!